Dying aunt secretly reveals $3M treasure, tells her nephew to look under the sewing machine

Jenny Verastro passed away back in 2004….but not before providing her nephew Carl with the shock of a lifetime. While she was on her deathbed, she let him know about treasure that had been stashed inside of her home. Just before she passed onto a better place, she let Carl know that he needed to look beneath the sewing machine.

While Carl had a certain level of skepticism, he decided to take a look anyway and what he found was absolutely stunning. He moved the sewing machine as she requested and the treasure came sliding out almost immediately, wrapped in newspaper for safekeeping.

The surprise? A recreation of a classic Pablo Picasso painting (Woman With a Cape) that is believed to have been painted by none other than Picasso himself. Carl’s uncle Nicky purchased the painting from a street vendor for no more than $30 back in 1944 while he was overseas fighting in World War II.

However, Carl’s initial attempt to receive a valuation did not go according to plan, as it took a Christie’s employee all of 10 seconds to turn him away. Another analyst took a closer look and believed the painting to be a legitimate Picasso creation, citing the use of materials that were common during the time period.

Another appraiser believes that the painting could be worth up to $13 million and while it has yet to be determined whether this hidden treasure is actually the real deal, only time will tell as to whether this item is proven to be a legitimate Picasso recreation.

Would you like to learn more about this incredible story? Take a moment to check out this informative video and pass it along to the art aficionados in your life, as they are bound to appreciate this tale of an aunt whose forward thinking just may make her family rich.

Source: Daily News

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