Dying Horse Collapses And Is Moments From Being Put Down Until Mate Miraculously Revives Her

This is the story of Jane and Donald, who own a farm in the United Kingdom. This farm is home to 23 horses and two of them have developed a lasting friendship. Beau and Beatrice have been living in the same stable for several years now and they have a bond that cannot be broken because of this. When Beatrice recently experienced abdominal pain and collapse, Beau was understandably concerned.

Jane and Donald tried their absolute best to lift up the fallen horse but she was simply too heavy. Her blood pressure and heart rate were continuing to skyrocket and if they did not get her the help she needed, her prognosis was grim. Donald and Jane started to prepare themselves for the inevitable. If they did not get Beatrice help, she would need to be put down soon.

Beau was enlisted in a last ditch effort to assist the fallen horse. He was not about to lose his pal without putting up a fight and he sprung into action immediately. He walked right over to her and set about the task of flipping her over. He bit her neck and used his teeth for leverage to lift up her head. These efforts meant more than anyone could have ever possibly realized.

These efforts were the catalyst for the most amazing turn of events. Within a few minutes, Beatrice had finally rolled over onto her side and this was the beginning of her recovery. Donald and Jane went from planning her burial to treasuring her company again in no time at all. The family is completely astonished and so is the veterinarian that was contacted about the matter.

Watching a horse save the life of a fellow horse is the type of thing that we never thought we would have the chance to see. As owners of a farm, they are used to seeing some incredible interactions between animals but no one could have ever expected something this amazing to take place. Check out the video below if you would like to see this once in a lifetime moment for yourself.

Those who have never seen horses in action will be stunned by the connection between Beau and Beatrice. He was not about to say goodbye to his friend and we cannot blame him one bit. What a special animal he is! We hope that he got lots and lots of treats and love for his actions on this fateful day.

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