Excited Animal Sprints To Bus Stop Every Day To Greet His Best Friend

When you think of cute and cuddly pets, what mostly comes to mind are dogs, cats or maybe a bunny or two. But a rooster? Not likely.

For one teenager named Savannah from Texas, her bestie animal pal is a rooster named Frog. Frog has lived with the Burns family for a year. They knew immediately that the rooster would fit in well with their flock. Frog has a unique physical trait: He has feathers on his feet. This makes it difficult for him to walk.

Holley, Savannah’s mother, explained, “He didn’t walk — he hopped. My son was like, ‘It’s hopping like a frog. We should name him  ‘Frog.’”

The rooster wasn’t like other chickens. He preferred spending time with people than other farm animals: “He was very attentive,” Holley said. “He wasn’t  interested in what the chickens were doing; he was interested in what the humans were doing.”

“I don’t think he thinks he’s a rooster,” she added.

It didn’t take Frog long to find his new human best friend, Savannah. When he was a little chick, she’d carry him around with her while she’d do her chores: “She’d take him to the laundry room and he’d watch attentively,” Holley said. “She’d go and wash dishes, and she’d  set him up on the counter, and he’d watch her wash the dishes.”

Basically whatever savannah is doing, frog just loves to be there with her. He hates being parted from her when she heads to catch the bus for school; Frog is right there to say goodbye.

And when the school day is over, he faithfully awaits Savannah’s return. Holley shared this adorable video of frog waiting  for his favorite human. If Savannah is too slow to get off the bus, Frog doesn’t hesitate to try and climb aboard.

“It’s gotten to the point that if they [Savannah and her brother] don’t get off the school bus on time, he [Frog] will get on the school bus,” Holley said. “Our bus driver is really good — he knows to watch out for Frog. He makes sure they’re in the clear before they leave.”

I’ve never considered roosters as loyal companions. Who knew? Good for frog and Savannah.

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