Expert Argues That Parents Need To Get Consent Before Changing Their Baby’s Diapers

These times we live in are surrounded by issues of “consent” it’s an extremely touchy subject. With stories coming out from Hollywood almost on a daily basis.

The cases are mainly surrounding sexual assault and if full consent wasn’t given then you should not be touching, grabbing, groping, kissing or having sex with that person.

Seem like common sense…right?  HA!  As the #Metoo movement has clearly pointed out following the big Harvey Weinstein scandal, many people don’t understand the word “consent”.

Example:  You are at a club and you see an attractive person on the dance floor would you think it appropriate to go give them a tap on their tush?  If so than you need to reconsider the word “consent”.   And sadly if you think it’s okay to go even further then you are a danger to our society and may need to seek professional help.

Many debates have been started regarding the age of the person who needs to give consent and more specifically who needs to give consent.

ABC recently aired a segment featuring a “Sexuality Expert” who reports that parents need to ask for a baby’s consent before they change their diapers.


Sky News commentator Rowan Dean was as infuriated as I was when I heard the ridiculousness!  He gave it the perfect label “lefty lunacy”. This is what our world is adhering to more and more, the left-wing politics which spills over into everyone’s private lives and beliefs.

The ‘expert’  Deanne Carson is discussing the issue of establishing a ‘culture of consent’.  Family homes should be responsible for establishing this starting at birth.  Then she give the most idiotic example of diaper changing imaginable.

She finished by saying, “the baby is not going to respond” – making her argument seem moot.

Rowan Dean seems to be at loss of words saying: “Consent for changing nappies. I’m not sure that would – I think that might get a bit – anyway, I won’t go there.”

Ms Carson is a ‘sexuality educator, speaker and author’ at Body Safety Australia. The website for the social enterprise does work to protect children from sexual abuse which is very useful.

 Body Safety Australia explains how they are “empowering children with their rights while educating families and professionals, the burden of responsibility is placed squarely on adults to protect children.”

Frankly, I am all about teaching kids about consent in both boys and girls.  I believe that my son should be respectful of girls in his class as well as my daughter.  These rules are not hard.  Although some make it harder then it has to be by coming up with these ludicrous ideas.  I just wonder how many children did Ms Carson raise?  Has she ever changed more than one or two diapers in her days?   Has she ever woke up at 3:30 am for a feeding and diaper change and used this technique of hers?  Probably not!

I could continue but I think you get my point. Don’t be so over the top and use a just a little common sense this world would be a much better place.

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