Families Adopt Dogs Without Meeting Them, Break Down When Choosing In Random Order

“I feel like I should be telling you all the reach under your seats and find an envelope, like the Oprah Winfrey of puppies. You get a puppy, you get a puppy, everyone gets a puppy!”

That’s how the director of the Michigan Humane Society opened one seriously special day at the shelter in a room lined with people in plastic chairs waiting to adopt dogs they’d never actually met before. It was an odd way to kick off such a huge adoption, but as people anxiously awaited their new four-legged best friends, the pups in question had no idea what to expect. They and their mom, Raina, had been dealt some hard knocks in life. It was all time for that to end.

Raina the German Shepherd was found when someone heard desperate whimpering coming from a deep, muddy hole in the middle of a horrible storm.

Flash flooding was devastating the area and the person who heard their cries knew that they’d need to be saved quickly.

They called the Michigan Humane Society to help. When rescuers from the shelter arrived, they knew they’d have a long battle ahead of them.

Raina and her 11 pups were running out of time, but understandably, they didn’t know how to trust anyone. It took them hours to get a hold of them and get them out.

When it came to adopt the dogs out, though, the shelter came up with a fun and unique approach. They found suitable families for each one and those families committed to taking a pup without knowing which one they were getting.

The resulting adoption ceremony is definitely one that’ll have you reaching for the tissues! Be sure to watch the daring rescue and adorable adoption ceremony in the video below!

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