Fans Are Obsessing Over Sophie Turner’s New ‘Game of Thrones’ Tattoo

As someone who has tattoos this really doesn’t come as a surprise to me but fans are obsessed with the new ink the Sophie Turner recently received.

Of course each tattoo is a long pain staking process.  I’ve never on a whim ran out and got myself a tattoo. There is a lot of thought that goes into each on of my tats, is it meaningful, will I still like it in 10 years, does it match my style?

One of the suggestions that I’ve been hearing over and over is to get one related to a favorite tv show or movie that I love.  This wouldn’t be hard considering I am a huge Wizard Of Oz, Harry Potter and Deadpool fan.  But, I’m not entirely sold on the idea. There are a lot of people sporting Marvel or Simpsons tattoos so why not jump on the bandwagon?

It's coming…

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In fact, there are some people out there, like Sophie Turner, who are getting tattoos of their own TV shows.

After announcing their engagement in November Joe Jonas was seen with a tattoo of Sophie on his leg.  Weeks later Turner was reported to have the same tattoo on her shoulder.  I guess it’s better than getting each other’s names.  You never know what might happen in years to come.  Fans on Twitter were quick to point out it was a shot of Sophie as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

Most likely due to the Game of Thrones series entering their final season next year it is said that she wanted to commemerate it.  So she is now sporting new ink based on her character Sansa Stark.

Lauren Winzer, was the artist that completed the work she had this to say on a post of Sophie’s leg after she had completed her artwork. “Thank you so much for getting this done from me @sophiet,” her caption read, “bad ass!”

First tattoo back home! Thank you so much for getting this from me @sophiet ! 🐺 bad ass !

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The image is of a direwolf – the sigil for House Stark – and the quote below reads “The pack survives.”

This is the quote that Ned Stark (Sansa’s father) says to his youngest daughter in the George RR Martin series:

“In the winter, we must protect ourselves – look after one another. Sansa is your sister.

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

This makes a pretty cool printed, insightful tattoo as well.


A post shared by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on

This isn’t the only GOT tattoo that Turner has, according to other photos Turner and fellow cast mate Maisie Williams they both have the date  “07.08.05” tattoo’d to reference the date they were both cast on Game of Thrones.

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