Flight Attendant Finds A Flash Drive In The Airport – Taken Back When She Views the Images

When flight attendant Alicia Fort spotted a USB flash drive on the ground after finishing work in San Francisco she bent down and place it in her pocket.  She had no idea what that little stick had on it but she was about to find out.  It was a mystery she wondered would it be spreadsheets from the business man in first class, or maybe kids pictures that the mom in the middle seat had taken while the family was on vacation. She would investigate the contents when she finally made it home.

A couple of days later Alicia opened up the files what she found left her in tears.  Someone was absolutely missing these photos.  They were of what looked like the happiest couple in the world.

Her heart ached.  She was a part time photographer as well as a flight attendant and she knew instantly how precious these memories were.  She was driven to find the couple and return these irreplaceable photos to them.  She sent out on social media a plea to find the newlyweds.  The post was to track down the couple from the photos to return the flash drive. Not having much to go on, she posted a photo of the couple hoping someone would recognize the two.

Newlyweds Diana and Eduardo Mares were identified quickly.  The couple were living in wedded bliss after their big day– but they had no idea that their photos were missing.

Eduardo started getting multiple phone calls at work regarding Alicia’s post.  That’s when he learned about the missing flash drive.  He was deeply touched that anyone would take the time to track them down.

Turns out his parents had the flash drive and were returning to Mexico to show other family members unable to attend the wedding.  The couple is forever grateful for Alicia’s efforts.

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