Gerber Made Their Spokesbaby A Child With Down Syndrome For The First Time

Now that companies from various industries are attempting to become more inclusive when it comes to their ad campaigns, we are starting to see a lot of barriers fall. Gerber’s recent choice for their next “Gerber Baby” definitely illustrates that point. The baby is chosen after applicants submit photos into an online photo contest. Lucas Warren is this year’s winner.

He is making history for all of the right reasons. Did you know that Lucas is the first Gerber baby with Down Syndrome to be chosen for this honor? Lucas beat out a whopping 140,000 other contestants to claim the new title. His parents are able to make out pretty well in the deal, too. They took home a $50,000 check.

Bill Partyka is the CE0 and the president of the baby food manufacturer. According to him, this step is meant as a means of increasing representation and allowing the company to become more forward thinking. Lucas was not chosen because he has Down Syndrome. He was chosen because his adorable face and bright smile could light up any room that he is in.

Each year, the company selects a new baby who is supposed to represent everything that the Gerber heritage stands for. It is safe to say that Lucas has met these expectations and also exceeded them. Cortney and Jason are Lucas’ parents. Believe it or not, the photo was submitted on a total whim. They never could have expected what would end up happening next.

Lucas is now able to serve as a role model to all of the other children out there who have disabilities. They may have slight differences from the other children but that does not make them any less special. Other parents have already begun to share their photos of their little ones who also have Down Syndrome and we hop that more kids like Lucas receive these opportunities in the future.

Cortney and Jason’s goal was to inspire other parents in their decision and it is safe to say that they have accomplished just that. We would love to live in a world where children who are disabled are treated with all of the same love and respect as their counterparts. Thanks to the forward thinking folks at Gerber, this is a goal that we will soon be able to reach! Please share away as soon as possible.

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