German Shepard cannot swallow food because of his condition, owner builds him special chair


For a pet owner, the importance of making sure that our four legged friends are well taken care of comes second to nothing. Taking care of our pets is just as crucial as taking care of our families and ourselves and in some cases, it may be even more important, especially if the animal is not well.

Seeing our pets feeling sick and out of sorts can be difficult, as the animals are unable to tell us where they are hurting. It gives their owners a helpless feeling, as they simply want to remove the source of their suffering as soon as possible.


The German shepherd in this story is named Chuck and she was diagnosed with a very rare disorder. Her condition is known as megaesophagus and if this family did not act quickly, her life was in danger.

Her condition kept her from being able to eat food in the same manner that she has become accustomed to. Her neck muscles were compromised, which meant that she was not able to push the food she was eating in a downward motion into her stomach.


In some instances, this condition can steadily worsen and force pet owners to help their animal to swallow their food. In particularly difficult cases, the human may have to massage their pet’s esophagus from the outside so that the food is able to be chewed and swallowed.

Chuck was facing a very problematic diagnosis but thanks to the help of her loving family, she was soon able to start eating on her own once again. This amazing video will give you and your loved ones a chance to appreciate the journey that Chuck has experienced and if this clip touched your heart in the same manner that it did ours, take a moment to pass it along to the dog lovers in your friends and family.

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