Girl Has Brutal Response After Prom Date Says Her Dress Is ‘Too Revealing’

Eager highschoolers are already kicking prom season off with “promposals” and shopping for the perfect outfits for their special night.  Among them is Twitter user @MadisonWitham, who just found the dress of her dreams. She was so happy with it that she couldn’t help but send a teaser photo to her date, though she sent it in in black and white as to hide the color of the dress.

She was excited to hear her date’s feedback on the dress, which she assumed would be positive. He seemed excited at first, too…

Twitter / MadisonWitham

…that is, until he saw it and got completely out of line. Witham was shocked and disgusted with what he had to say, but she had no problem telling him to hit the road after she caught a glimpse of his true character.

Twitter / MadisonWitham

She shared the exchange on Twitter, where people rallied around her. They loved her response so much that it was liked over 245,000 times and retweeted over 44,000 times.

She wrote, “So today I bought a prom dress and dropped a dude, eventful day!”

Some offered to take her to the prom themselves…

…while others tried to defend her ex-date’s actions — though they were shut down pretty quickly.

Most just want to see the dress…

…which she’s promised she’ll eventually reveal.

You go, girl. What do you think about the way she handled her date?

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