Girl Gets Surgery After Being Bullied About “Elf Ears” Bursts Into Tears When Bandages Removed

Bullying is a huge problem all over the world. Kids of all ages and even adults endure endless harassment and disparagement at school and work from their mean-spirited peers, and in the worst cases (especially for children), the weight of that burden can lead to mental illness, dropping out of school, and even suicide.

Often times, people are bullied by insecure peers over things that they cannot control, whether it be their family’s financial status, their appearance, their voice, and so on. It’s so unfair to berate people for things that they cannot control, and it’s even worse that these qualities, especially in the appearance department, are what make us unique. That should be celebrated, but instead, it’s insulted.

One little girl named Bella Harrington knows what I mean. The sweet 11-year-old child was bullied by classmates relentlessly for what they called her “elf ears.”

While she and her mom tried their hardest to not let the bullies ruin things for little Bella, there was only so much the girl could take before it really started impacting her studies and mental health. When she became irrevocably insecure about her protruding ears, Bella decided along with her mother to look into something called otoplasty, which is basically a surgical procedure that decreases the size and protrusion of ears.

Dr. Joe Niamtu was willing to perform the procedure on Bella, so she and Mom booked her appointment and committed to having it done.

While the word “otoplasty” itself may seem unfamiliar, you’ve probably heard of people getting their ears “pinned back.” That is effectively what this is.

According to DocShop, “Otoplasty also includes ear/earlobe reduction and cauliflower ear surgery to remove and recontour excess skin and cartilage. Because the ears are very prominent, many cosmetic ear surgery patients experience a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem once their ears have been given a more desirable appearance.”

And that’s the exact effect the surgery had on Bella, who now feels much better about being in her own skin. It’s sad that people made fun of her for something so minor, but we hope that she’s able to go about her life more easily now that the issue has been resolved! Learn more about Bella’s story and see her tearful reaction in the video down below.

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