Girl Sees Stranger In The Store, Takes A Look At The Back Of His Shirt & Reaches For Her Phone

Grand Canyon University freshman Karen Aguayo and her friends were shopping at their local Costco in Arizona last month when they saw a man who immediately caught their attention. It hadn’t been the motorized scooter he was riding that made them stop; rather, it was the back of his shirt.

Flickr / Mike Mozart

In white letters, the message read, “Kidney donor needed, Type B+, Ask me how.”

Twitter / _kerrrn_

The man, 67-year-old Robert Duran, is experiencing kidney failure and has to go through dialysis three times a week for four hours each session. After being diagnosed with stage five kidney disease, his name was placed on an organ transplant waiting list. Since then, he’s been wearing the shirt when he goes out in public, hoping someone will see it and help.

Twitter / _kerrrn_

“Once I read his shirt I felt something in my heart,” Aguayo said. “I decided to post it on social media because I thought maybe someone out there that has a Twitter can donate theirs or just help with a simple retweet to find him a donor.”

Twitter / _kerrrn_

“We came across this man at Costco and we asked him about his shirt,” she wrote on Twitter. “He said he has been looking for a donor for four years and still nothing.”

It’s probably safe to say she wasn’t expecting the overwhelming response she got. Her tweet was retweeted over 260,000 times, with many potential donors reaching out to Aguayo and Duran.

Aguayo gave her followers an update on March 30: “There are several potential donors as of right now. I don’t know much about the process but I do know it takes time. So if you are asking if he has a specific donor the answer is no. Robert will let me know when he has a match and so will I.”

Here’s hoping Duran finds his perfect match soon. In the meantime, he hopes his story will inspire others to become organ donors.

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