Girl was bullied for her 500 birth marks, but today she is a beautiful model


One of the best things about social media has been the emergence of new and progressive viewpoints, such as the body positive movement. People of every size and shape should feel welcome to express themselves and it is important to create safe spaces for them to do just that.

Alba Parejo was born different from everyone else and this child’s body was covered from head to toe in congenital melanocytic nevi. While she underwent surgery in order to remove them when she was young, the procedure did not go as expected and she was left with several scars as a result.

As if going through all of these surgeries was not bad enough already, Alba also had to endure the taunts of her cruel classmates and in our humble estimation, no child ever deserves to be spoken in that manner. Stories like these definitely make our blood boil and we were hot under the collar after this one.

Alba’s haters may have thought that they were going to have the last laugh at her expense, but she found a way to show them! She is now the face of a few different advertising campaigns and her face is plastered on a variety of billboards all over her hometown.


We sincerely hope that she is able to find a lasting career in the world of modeling. It would be a great way to show children that the people that they tease are actually beautiful to the rest of the world and start to eliminate the close minded ways of thinking that plague our youth.

Did you find this story as inspirational as we did? If so, be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible, so that they are also able to appreciate Alba’s incredible journey.

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