Grandma Tries Wedding Dress On After 63 Years – Sees Reflection In Photo And Breaks Down

While the process of growing old can cause many of us to burst into tears for reasons that are less than adorable, the grandmother in this story is looking back on her past with a great deal of pride. Amy Buchan Kavelaras was in the process of helping her grandmother move when she came across a long buried memory that had been tucked away for years and years.

Her grandmother Ruth did not want to open the box initially and it took a bit of prodding from Amy to get her to do so. Little did she know that the item that was contained within would lead to a truly special moment. Fortunately, there was a camera on hand and someone was prepared to capture this precious occurrence. Amy was quick to share the photo with her Facebook friends as well.

We are certainly glad that she did because this is one grandmother who is aging like the finest of wine. Amy took to the Love What Matters page on Facebook and once she shared the photo of her beloved grandmother, the likes and shares came pouring in almost immediately. The fact that the wedding dress still fit was just icing on the cake and we are glad that Grandma got over her initial reticence.

She even held up the original wedding photo from back in 1953. She and Amy’s grandfather Jack remained married until the day that he passed away. Ruth has missed Jack ever since the moment he was laid to rest in 2000 and they have a love that will truly never die. This is the type of love that we should all be striving for, right?

This is the type of love that may even make some of us jealous. It is easy to see why Ruth does not like to look at the dress now. Now she is showing the world what true love is all about! A powerful image like this one definitely needs to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. Just be sure to warn your friends and loved ones first.

They just may end up needing a Kleenex or three by the time the full gravity of this image dawns on them. We are eternally grateful to Amy for providing us with the chance to see what true love really means. To learn more about this amazing moment, take a minute to check out the video below.

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