Grooms Reaction To Seeing His Bride For The First Time Is Painful To Watch

All of the hopeless romantics out there have probably spent days (if not years) dreaming about what their perfect wedding would entail. Every detail is considered. We will fantasize about the song that is going to play at our first dance. We contemplate the venue that we would like to choose. We also have a certain image in our heads of what our partner is going to look like.

There is a reason why so many brides and grooms are moved to tears once they finally catch a glimpse of each other on the big day. All eyes are on the couple and the couple’s eyes are intently fixed on one another. This is the part where the groom starts to beam with pride as he realizes the enormity of the awesome step that he has agreed to take.

The groom in this story did not have the reaction that most would have expected in this situation. His first words when he saw his bride on the fateful day were simple: “oh sh*t”. Sadly, this was not a remark that was meant to indicate his level of gratitude for the blessing that was about to be bestowed upon him. This remark was more of the negative variety.

So what triggered such an unfavorable reaction from this man? The answer is a simple one: he was participating in a reality show that is pairs couples without giving them a chance to see each other first. Married At First Sight may provide viewers at home with quite a few laughs but this man was definitely not in the mood to chuckle.

The experts who put together this particular social experiment will need to go back to the drawing board. The groom may not have been thrilled but his bride did not share his disgust. In her mind, she had hit the jackpot. According to scientific evidence, we make these sorts of judgement calls within moments of meeting each other.

It is safe to say that this marriage is going to be facing an uphill battle. The groom has since tried to blame his reaction on a really bad breakup that he had recently gone through but we are skeptical. He was probably trying to save face. Now that they are married, let’s all take this opportunity to wish them the very best of luck. They are going to need it!

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