This guy shared a photo of his new dog and the cops knocked on his door almost immediately

If you or someone that you love is preparing to adopt a pet, it is important that we head to a shelter to provide a home to one of the many animals who are in need. There are a wide range of animals at these shelters who are just waiting to be adopted. The dogs and cats that are available at these locations are given away by owners who do not have the wherewithal to take care of them. They typically do not have behavioral issues.

Even animals that are left abandoned on the city streets are able to serve as great pets for families in need. The puppy in this story was actually found on the streets of Detroit back in 2016. From there, the animal was taken to the Detroit Dog Rescue Shelter and rechristened Sir Wiggleton. It took 100 days for the animal to be adopted by his new parents.

Dan and Megan changed his name to Diggy. All seemed to be well at first and the couple was more than happy to bring him home. Unfortunately, the home that they had selected was not willing to allow pets. Dan was forced to create a makeshift ad asking people to adopt the dog on his Facebook. Little did he know that he had actually aroused the suspicions of the authorities in the process.

The police believed that the dog was actually a pit bull and that he was in violation of community ordinances for being an unsafe animal. The officers decided to head to Dan’s home to figure out more. When they arrived, they were absolutely stunned by what they had found. The dog was actually an American bulldog and Dan had the necessary paperwork on hand to prove it. The cops were not so sure at first.

We know this photo is going to break the internet and we apologize, but we had to share! After almost 100 days in the…

Posted by Detroit Dog Rescue on Monday, June 6, 2016

Dan was told that he would either need to find a new home for the dog or pay a $500 fine. Jail time was also a possibility. Dan and Megan struck back with a petition of their own and received 10,000 signatures. Finally, all of the authorities that were involved in the case were able to agree that Dan had been telling the truth the whole time. Diggy was in fact an American bulldog.

We are glad to see that the case is closed and that Diggy will no longer have to look over his shoulder. Here’s hoping that he can finally enjoy life as a free dog!

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