Guy Thinks A Girl He Met Was Begging For Sex And Not Just Being ‘Nice’, Learns A Hard Lesson

Imagine being this clueless. You chat with a coworker now and then at lunch. She’s funny, attentive, and always listens to what you have to say when you’re making small talk. She’s collegial with all of her fellow employees, in fact. She’s just a nice, decent person. The logical conclusion you reach? “Yeah, she totally wants to sleep with me.”

I bet you can’t imagine being like that because most people aren’t too stupid to function. But as it turns out, this is how socially inept and entitled some people are. One guy named Brad recently got into an argument with his female coworker via text, and she posted screenshots of those texts online for all the world to see because WOW his messages are stupid.

That scenario we just got into above? Yeah, that’s Brad! As it turns out, the nice woman he works with was just being nice to him because she’s a decent human being. Somehow, out of regular, everyday conversation during which she never told him to screw off, he gleaned that she was going to have sex with him. Un-freaking-believable, right? Well, believe it because this madness just happened.

Here’s how the lovely exchange started off.

Now, Brad, this is where you were supposed to be like, “Oh man, I misread some things and was totally wrong about this situation!” But did Brad do that? No, of course, he didn’t.

Apparently, “Hey Brad, how was your weekend?” Translates to, “Hey Brad, let’s definitely have sex some time!” Who knew?

Brad is seriously on some insane nonsense. If you’re still not convinced that this guy might be the most clueless person in the entire world, the next few texts should really solidify that for you.

And the pièce de résistance, his closing argument:

Guys, come collect this idiot and teach him that he’s the scourge of the Earth. What a moron.

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