Guys Cuts Open Etch A Sketch And Discover What’s Really Inside Them – Ruins My Childhood

Curiosity is a trait that almost all of us share and sometimes, we tend to tear things apart in order to find out what makes them tick. This is true of almost any device we may come across in life, including our electronic devices, such as our smartphone or computer. Fortunately, there are YouTube videos that show us what is inside of those devices so we don’t have to break ours to know.

A YouTube channel, What’s Inside, answers those questions on a regular basis and they also take requests. One of the most common requests was to tear apart an Etch-a-Sketch. This toy has been around since the 1960s and, although many of us have used them, we probably don’t know what is inside of them. We just consider it to be a type of childhood magic that we all enjoy.

This video will show you exactly what is inside of the Etch-a-Sketch:

This video shows a father and son opening the Etch-a-Sketch toy. It has been popular since it was released to the market some 58 years ago but in more recent years, it was part of the movie, Toy Story. The inner workings of the Etch-a-Sketch have remained a mystery, but that mystery is about to be solved.

So what is it that makes the Etch-a-Sketch work? Aluminum powder! It coats the screen and a metal pointer makes the drawings that show up on the screen in front of us. The Etch-a-Sketch is a relatively simple toy but it has allowed us to create our own masterpieces from a very young age.

The aluminum powder coats the screen and the metal pointer scrapes it off as it passes by. They are able to be continually reused because there is so much aluminum powder inside. We love that feature of the Etch-a-Sketch but it sure does make a mess when it is torn apart.

Of course, you could simply read the Wikipedia page about Etch-a-Sketch to learn more about what is inside. There is something satisfying, however, about watching the toy get demolished and actually seeing it for yourself. There is another benefit that comes from knowing what is on the inside of this toy as well; safety.

You’ve probably heard about a lot of different toys that have caused harm to children because they were manufactured poorly or designed improperly. Although the Etch-a-Sketch has been around for decades, it is still something that many parents want to check out before they make the purchase. Now that you know what is inside of the Etch-a-Sketch, you can make your own decision about purchasing one for your children.

It’s interesting that the Etch-a-Sketch is practically indestructible, which is not something that can be said about many of the electronic devices we carry around every day. No wonder it has been around for so long!

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