Hairdresser Dyes Woman’s Hair With Nutella And The Results Are Amazing

Nutella can be found in just about every pantry in the United States and for good reason. It is as delicious as it is useful. There is almost no foodstuff that cannot be improved with a little bit of chocolate spread. Some of us may not even decide to place it on our food. After all, who hasn’t indulged in a scoop of Nutella straight out of the jar before?

But did you know that Nutella is as versatile as it is tasty? There are no shortage of products that prove this. Nutella has been taking all of our money for years and now there is a new method for using this common treat that we may not have even considered in the past. The even crazier part is that this new and interesting usage has zero to do with eating it.

An Instagram beauty blogger has recently located another usage for Nutella that will have you wondering why no one else thought of it before. When she shared a video of a woman who allowed her to use the chocolate spread as a form of hair dye, the Internet assumed that she had several screws loose. This idea is a tad nuts but the results are hard to argue with.

While we understand that there is going to be a certain level of uncertainty about this sort of procedure, this video allows us to take a closer look at what is taking place. Once the clip was uploaded by the hairdresser, natural curiosity took over and the video went viral almost immediately. Everyone wants a taste (sorry but we had to) of this hair dye method.

The client in the clip arrives at a Dubai salon with blonde tresses. Once the Nutella dye job is complete, she is left with a shade of brunette that looks absolutely scrumptious. The technique that is used is deceptively simple and those who wish to learn more about this unique hairdresser (and her methods) are urged to watch the video below.

This clip is designed to raise awareness about a hair dying practice that the average person may not have taken the time to consider. This technique is actually semi permanent in nature and is not as temporary as most of us would probably think. In order to become more well versed on this procedure, take a closer look at the following clip.

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