What Do You Hear: Yanny Or Laurel?

Those who have spent a fair amount of time on Twitter can probably remember the infamous “dress” debate that took place a few years back. Even those who remember probably wish that they were not able to. That debate took place after a dress was uploaded and people could not decide what color it was. Some believed that the dress was black and blue. Meanwhile, others thought it was white and gold.

Now, we are stuck with an audio version of this infamous debacle. It is every bit as annoying as the dress debate and we wish that it had not happened. For those who have a life outside of Twitter, this debate is actually centered around two different words. A video was posted to Twitter that asked people to decide if the word that they heard was “yanny” or “laurel”.

Of course, we cannot have nice things for any reason and this conversation devolved into an insane debate. Be sure to show this clip to a group of friends so that you can find out more about who stands on which side. The disagreements are sure to be a lot of fun. One intrepid Twitter even figured out that they could change the bass levels of the video to alter what was said.

For whatever it is worth, we are squarely on the “laurel” side here and we have no idea how people are hearing “yanny”. While there are some who say that they can actually hear the “yanny” if the bass modulation takes place, this is way too much effort to be putting into such a silly pursuit. We are kind of freaked out, if we’re being frank here.

So why is it that we cannot hear “laurel”? This is due to the fact that the low quality of the recording has created the proper amount of ambiguity. What our brains expect to hear also serves as a major influence. This means that some of us are probably being influenced by the fact that we are actively expecting to hear the phrase “yanny”.

Scientists believe that this conundrum could be solved by playing back the clip for everyone on the same equipment. In our humble opinion? The clip definitely says laurel and this is all much ado about nothing. The confusion taking place here is beyond the realm of what we are able to truly fathom.

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