Heath Ledger’s Daughter Is All Grown Up And Looks Just Like Her Daddy

It may seem as if Heath Ledger passed away just yesterday but can you believe that it has already been a decade since this generational acting talent was laid to rest? His death was a shocking moment that shook the world to its very core. He was set to become a bigger star than ever before. Thanks to his iconic portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight, it is safe to say that no one will ever forget him.

This performance was strong enough to win him an Oscar posthumously. The worst aspect of his death has very little to do with his body of work, though. Most fans were unaware of the fact that he was leaving a little girl behind. Matilda Rose was just two years old when her father passed away. She was fathered with Michelle Williams and while the two had broken up, they remained dedicated to the co-parenting process.

Now that Matilda is twelve years old, the resemblance that she shares with her father is hard to ignore. Her aunt has ever spoken out about the uncanny nature of it all. According to Heath’s sister Katie, the manner in which the child rides a skateboard is even reminiscent of her fallen brother. From the time that she was born, her family had taken to referring to her as a version of her father “in pigtails”.

Unfortunately, Heath did not live long enough to see his daughter blossom and it is believed that his extreme dedication to his work is what pushed him over the edge. He passed away because of an accidental drug overdose and it is believed that all of the effort he put into his Batman role is what caused him to lose touch with reality. His autopsy showed that he was abusing several forms of prescription medication.

While no one can ever replace Heath when it comes to the role that he would have played in his daughter’s life, it is safe to say that she will receive the guidance that she needs from her talented mother. What do you think of Matilda Rose? Do you think that she looks like just like her father? Please pass this story along to all of the Heath Ledger fans in your life.

It is sure to spark a fun discussion about all of his greatest works. What is your favorite Heath Ledger film? What is a movie that has come out in the wake of his passing that makes you wish he had lived long enough to star in it?

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