Here’s How You Can Differentiate Between Fake And Real Brands

Now that companies who sell fake versions of popular products are getting smarter about producing knockoffs that look like the real McCoy, it is becoming darn near impossible to tell what is what. That’s why we have prepared a guide that allows readers to find out everything that they need to know. Thanks to the following tips, your days are falling prey to the bootlegs are over.


EOS lip balm is considered to be one of the most sought after products in the beauty business. A real EOS lip balm has a shinier exterior than the fakes and the caps will never fail to lock together perfectly.


Fake Louis Vuitton bags are easy to spot. If the bag does not have the Louis Vuitton identification stamp then it is not the real deal.


Apple headphones are often duplicated yet never imitated. The real earphones come with a stainless steel mesh cap that allows to remove the caps more easily.


Real Samsung phones come with a bright black display color on the back. To see if the phone is real, enter the code 7353 to see if the testing menu pops up.


Cardi B may have made everyone want to run to get a pair of red bottoms. A real Christian Louboutin has the same color cloth throughout the design so check the whole shoe first.


Hermès bags are easily identifiable. There is a stamp on it that is known as the “blind stamp”. This tells you what year it was made and this cannot be found on the fake version of these bags.


Converse sneakers have a signature sole and it must measure in 1.18 inches high. Fake Converse do not have the necessary stamping either. A real Converse sneaker has a tag with a 6 character serial number.


Ray-Ban sunglasses are knocked off all too often. Knowing which is which is exceedingly simple. A real pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses has a logo on the left side that cannot ever be rubbed off no matter how hard we try.


A real Victoria’s Secret bathing suit is made using double cloth and there are only four tag colors: white, pink, black and translucent.


Lacoste shirts are especially prone to tricky. It is a relatively easy design to knock off. A real Lacoste product always has a green crocodile positioned to the side of the buttons.

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