Here’s What Your Dreamy ‘90s Crush Jonathan Taylor Thomas Looks Like Today

Few things will make a person feel older than seeing their favorite teen heartthrobs in the present day. For many young ladies who grew up during the 1990s, Johnathan Taylor Thomas was the go to hunk of the time period. Lion King and Home Improvement fans would swoon for JTT and his level of stardom was unquestionable. After a major run at the top, he elected to remove himself from all of the glitz and glamour.

Now that he has taken a step back from the public eye, his old fans have been given the chance to miss him. He did make a momentary comeback by appearing on former Home Improvement co-star Tim Allen’s new ABC show Last Man Standing. Thomas also showed off his directorial chops by taking the helm for a few episodes. In an interview with People magazine, Johnathan Taylor Thomas decided to open up about his reason for stepping away.

He began acting at the age of 8 years old and at a certain point, he simply decided that he was in need of a break. He had been wanting to attend college and do some much needed travel. Luckily, he did not allow the fame to go to his head and he looks back on that time in his life with much fondness. Thomas now wants to become a respected writer and director and he maintains a strong level of interest in the industry.

In fact, he has been cooking up a project with his former TV brother. He and Zachery Ty Bryan (also known as Brad Taylor) have been in touch with their TV mother. Patricia Richardson says that the two have crafted a TV pilot that is much naughtier than the family friendly work that they did on Home Improvement. We look forward to seeing this pilot on our television sets soon.

In the meantime, Thomas has stepped so far away from the spotlight that some of his old fans may not have the faintest idea what he looks like today. We are happy to report that this young man is still as handsome as ever. The picture is not from 2017 but a 2013 shot will do just fine, right? Before you check out the new photo, why not take a short walk down memory lane first?

He is definitely rocking those glasses in the newer photo and we are proud to see him looking so dreamy in the present day. While there are some child stars who have certainly aged poorly and allowed themselves to fall victim to the pitfalls of fame, Johnathan Taylor Thomas is certainly not one of them. We wish him all of the best in his future endeavors.

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