Here’s how to make a delicious ‘space cake’ with a hidden galaxy inside


Themed birthday cakes are one of the coolest aspects of a birthday and the cake in this story takes this common idea to a whole new level. While most themed birthday cakes are typically decorated from the outside, this cake was designed using an entirely different method, one that has to be seen to be believed.

This new and interesting space cake design is brought to you by Pedagiggle and this level of creativity will definitely be appreciated by all of the children out there who find themselves craving space themed confectioneries when their special day finally rolls around.

If your children (or even the adults in your life) require a space themed birthday cake and cannot create one on their own, Pedagiggle has got you covered. There is no reason to restrict yourself to the birthday cake themes and ideas of old and thanks to this helpful recipe, you are no longer relegated to cakes that are merely decorated on the exterior.

After all, imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they slice into their space cake and find that the entire cake is decorated from the inside out. When you are in search of ways to make someone’s birthday a truly special occasion, there are few methods more effective than this one.


That’s why it is important to pass along recipes like the one that Pedagiggle has so graciously been willing to offer up to the world. When it is time to show our appreciation for the ones we love, there is nothing quite like a delicious cake with a unique design to let them know how we truly feel.

If this cake impressed you as much as it did us, the time has come to share this story with a larger audience, so be sure to pass it along to your friends and family members on Facebook.

Check out the full instructions here:

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