Here’s Why You Should Never Serve Cake At A Wedding

When we picture a wedding ceremony, we tend to picture a towering cake that is compromised of several layers worth of deliciousness. While this is the typical cake that most of us expect to see at a wedding, there is more to the story than that. With all of the cake choices that we have to select from in these instances, there is one option that we may not have expected.

Did you know that there are experts who believe that we would be better off not having a cake at all during these types of occasions? There are some who may find themselves bewildered by the idea of having a wedding without a cake. However, there are very good reasons why some couples will elect to take this unprecedented step and they may surprise you.

First of all, these cakes struggle to maintain the same taste that we have become accustomed to. The cakes that are provided do not always maintain the proper taste. Since they are often stored for several weeks before the ceremony takes place, this causes the cake to become very dry. Once it loses moisture, the taste is never quite the same.

We also tend to find ourselves to the layer of fondant that is placed on these cakes. What we do not know is that this layer does not have any actual taste. That’s why wedding cakes often leave those who consume them feeling as if they have been letdown. Spending a sizable amount of money on a cake that has no taste is not something that any couple should strive for.

Let’s face the facts here. A wedding is already expensive enough as it is without wasting money on various expenses that are not even remotely necessary. Bucking tradition can be a lot of fun. It allows us to provide pastries that are a little bit more personal in nature. Doughnuts and cupcakes are both a great substitute for that towering and tasteless wedding cake.

What are your musings on the matter? Are you someone who would rather stick with tradition or are you looking to carve out your own? This is the type of story that is bound to inspire some discussion. Be sure to share it with your closest friends and family members so that they are able to provide you with their take on these cakes.

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