Here’s What To Do If You Find These Bugs In Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is one of the most wonderful and magical times of the year and while we all love to sit around the tree, there is one unwanted house guest that can put a damper on the occasion and no, we are not talking about your in laws. While most of us do not associate bugs with the winter season, this persistent pest can show up at any time and make life difficult.

However, those who enjoy live Christmas trees may be bringing these pets into their homes unknowingly. We all love the smell of a fresh pine tree and while these trees provide our homes with a constant reminder of the Christmas spirit, they can also serve as an unintentional delivery system for various bugs that are dying to make their way indoors.

One such bug is the aphid. They are small and not easy to see, but they are often residing inside of your live Christmas tree…..whether you realize it or not. Scale insects and bark beetles have also been known to make themselves at home and if you would like to avoid these types of instances this holiday season, there are a few things that you need to be looking out for.

Feeding trails, burrows and eggs are some of the telltale signs of an infestation. Adelgids also find their way indoors and if you find small white blobs on the branches of your tree, this means that the bugs have been able to successfully drain the sap from the needles. Their egg mass compares to that of a praying mantis and if you see any of these bugs, it is imperative that we get rid of them as quickly as possible.

There are certain bugs that are relatively harmless and if you have lady beetle larvae present, they are more than happy to consume any other Christmas tree pests that lurk beyond the sight of the untrained eye. Before you bring the tree inside, it is in your best interests to give it a few healthy shakes and you may also want to let the tree spend a night in the garage first.

Please share this story with all of your friends and loved ones who are planning on purchasing a live tree this year. All it takes is one moment of quick thinking to keep your home from experiencing an unwanted invasion from various insects who are dying to find a home for the winter.

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