Homeless Boy Approaches Car To Beg For Change. When He Sees Who’s Inside, He Bursts into Tears

John Thou is a little boy who has been left to fend for himself on the streets of Kenya. He had to live on the streets of Nairobi because his father had become too abusive to live with and his mother passed away. Johns’s life had been reduced to a daily struggle for survival. It is heartbreaking to see young men and women forced into the life of a street urchin.

One day, John made his way to a car in search of help. He never could have expected what he would find inside. Instead of finding adults who were able to assist him, he found out that some people were even worse off than he was. A woman was in the vehicle and she could not breathe without the assistance that her oxygen tanks provided. She was also having a great deal of trouble seeing properly.

John immediately forgot about the struggles that he was facing and burst into tears. The little boy was overcome with emotion when he realized that this woman was in need of help even more than he was. While John was barely able to take care of himself, he still thought nothing of giving all of the money that he had managed to collect that day to the woman.

What a selfless young man! A bystander witnessed this incredible moment and was sure to share it with their social media followers. Everyone who saw the photo was moved by John’s generosity and while most children like him are viewed warily by the world around them, it is clear to see that John has a heart made of solid gold. News spread throughout Kenya like wildfire and people wanted to help.

Mike Sonko is the mayor of Nairobi City and he wanted the boy and the woman in the car (her name is Gladys) to receive the help that they needed. All it took were a few days for the citizens of the city to raise the funds needed to forever change the lives of these two citizens. Gladys was able to receive the surgery that she needed in order to breathe again.

As for John? He was adopted by a woman named Nissy and is now attending school once again. Gladys has also become a mother of sorts to the young man. Since her sight has been restored, Gladys has been inspired to record a gospel song and this is the happiest ending that this story could have possibly had. To see more of their story, be sure to check out this touching video below. We are glad to see that their fortunes have changed so dramatically.

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