Homeless Man Wants To Find Home For His Dog Before He Dies


While most of us will see homeless people throughout the course of our days and walk past them without much of a second thought, there is one woman out there who could not allow herself to do so. In many instances, they are homeless due to circumstances that they can’t fix themselves and simply need a helping hand.


A little bit of compassion can go a very long way and this is the lesson that Jenine was attempting to pass along by her actions on one fateful winter’s night in Fresno, California. She saw a homeless man who was struggling to keep his beautiful dog shielded from the elements and he was clearly in a great deal of pain.


Jenine could not stomach this sight and she offered the man a much needed blanket, in addition to some food for his pet and toiler paper. By conversing with the man, she was also able to find out more about his truly heartbreaking story. Clifford was once the owner of a mechanic shop and also a farmer.

However, he lost his job and his ability to speak clearly due to medical complications. He also experienced heart surgery complications that left him in a coma. Baby was the name of the dog he was clutching and he had rescued the animal from a horrible owner who was beating her.


Soon, he let the woman know that he was terminally ill and only had a few weeks left to live. He urged Jenine to do her best to find Baby a forever home, so that she could live on after he had passed away. She did him one better, by starting a GoFundMe to get Clifford off the streets and Baby into the home that she deserved.


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Source: Rumble

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