Horse Encircled By Wolves Has Reaction That Puzzles Everyone, Including The Wolves

What could happen if a horse and pack of wolves met up? It would end badly, especially for the horse. Wouldn’t you agree? Sure the horse has hooves that can cause damage, but the wolves, since they’re predators, their teeth and paws can shred the gentle creature apart.

Fabrizio Giammatteo captured this footage of a pack of six Italian wolves surrounding a lone horse in a field. What occurred shocked the people present and the wolves too.

In the viral video, the brave horse shows no fear as the wolves move closer. They watch him, but unconcerned, the horse goes about his business. Walking about the field, he doesn’t pay them any mind. At one point, the horse decided to lay down and roll about in the snow.

The people watching the interaction were stunned at how unworried the horse appeared. The gentle creature wasn’t shy about putting himself in a vulnerable situation. Fabrizio said: “The horse just decided to go back eating some grass where he was before, leaving the poor wolves puzzled. After a few minutes, the wolves decided to go away too.”

Maybe the wolves knew better not to piss off the horse. I’m glad the encounter ended with no one getting hurt. What a smart horse. He acted almost bored despite the danger he faced.

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