The Hot Coil Challenge Is Here And It’s Almost As Dumb As Eating Tide Pods

It’s not surprising there’s someone, somewhere thinking of ways to out-do or outshine someone else on the internet with their crazy, stupid, outright dangerous stunts. Eating cinnamon isn’t hazardous if silly. Swallowing a Tide pod is deadly and disgusting. The latest craze to sweep the internet can literally scar you for life.

The hot coil challenge is nothing to mess around with. Touching any part of your bare skin to a hot coil on your stove or any other electronic device can leave you with life-threatening burns.

Don’t do this challenge because it isn’t cool. You’ll be in a significant amount of pain and will need immediate medical attention. Not to mention aftercare that could involve skin grafting and other unpleasantness. Stoves are used for cooking, not for proving how daring you are Let’s keep it that way.

Why not start a new internet trend that isn’t harmful? like hugging your dog? Someone think of something, please. Let’s start a craze that can help others or our society. It’s not funny to laugh at someone’s pain.

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