Husband Hears Wife Screaming From Bathroom, Takes One Look At Her Face And Loses It

Sometimes, women love coming up with their own beauty tricks. They’ll find a product or use a home remedy they believe will cover up an imperfection or help improve an asset. There are times though when these self-discoveries can go wrong, causing hilarity and major laughs. At least with this Alabama couple they did.

JW and KC Godwin are happily married. They have a large family. With five children, they’re kept busy. KC still loves pampering herself, feeling as beautiful on the outside as she does on the inside. It was during one of these private moments of personal care where JW heard a loud scream come from the bathroom.

Being the concerned husband he is, he rushed upstairs. Thoughts of KC falling to the floor or a nasty bug ran through his mind.

Thankfully, KC wasn’t hurt or scared; she was laughing. One of her vanity tricks had gone awry. She stood behind the bathroom door covered in a fine dusting of black. The speckles also covered the countertop and floor.

JW grabbed his cell phone and started filming. Through her laughter, KC said her experiment to whiten her teeth with charcoal had backfired. And of course, JW can’t help adding his humor to the situation, making them crack up even harder.

See for yourself.

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