If traveling away from home, place a coin in a mug of ice in your freezer. Here’s why


When you’re forced to leave home for a significant period of time, there are a few things that need to be done before you can actually go. For example, those who leave home for a particularly lengthy trip should use this awesome freezer trick as a means of making sure that their frozen foods are not compromised.

All you need to utilize this simple tip are a few items that can be found in every household. Just grab a mug, a coin and some water and you are already well on your way. From there, simply fill the mug with water and allow it to freeze before placing your chosen coin on top.

Once you return, the coin should remain perched on top of the ice, as this will indicate that your freezer has been in perfect working order the entire time. On the other hand, a coin that is now located at the bottom of the ice is typically an indicator that the freezer has experienced some sort of malfunction.

This lets you know that the food inside of the freezer is probably contaminated and will need to be thrown away. Meanwhile, if the coin is frozen in the center of the block of ice in the mug, this means that the freezer did go off for a bit and that your food is probably not spoiled.

Making sure that your freezer is still working is one of the most commonly neglected tasks that homeowners always forget about. The last thing anyone wants is to come home to a freezer full of food that is no longer edible and when this unwanted event takes place, it can cost us a great deal of time and money to fix.

Please pass this neat little trick along to your closest friends and family members, especially those who travel on a regular basis. It just might save them some unnecessary hassle and keep them from a potential bout of food poisoning.

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