Instead of presents on his B-Day, boy with brain tumor asks guests to donate to animal shelter


Bryce Hill might only be a little boy but he has one of the biggest hearts that we have ever seen. Even though he was recently diagnosed with a very rare form of brain tumor, he does not wallow in self pity and he spends his time thinking of ways to help others and make their days even brighter.


Expecting a small child who spends a great deal of time in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy treatments and a battery of tests to think of others on their own birthday might seem like a stretch, but its just another day at the office to Bryce.


Most children would ask for video games or toys on their 6th birthday but Bryce is certainly not most children. He asked his party guests if they would be willing to donate some items to the local animal shelter, a request that they were more than happy to comply with.

The Illinois Valley Animal Rescue was the lucky recipient of Bryce’s generosity and he even delivered the supplies and toys that he collected for needy pets himself. Bryce’s mother is very proud of her son and understands that she is raising a special little boy.


He was not content to stop there, though. The animal rescue decided to make him an honorary volunteer and when his health allows him to, he stops in once a week to play with all the animals who cannot find forever homes to call their own.


Fortunately, he has been responding well to his brain tumor treatments and with any luck, he will have the ability to stop by far more often. If this story about a selfless little boy touched your heart as much as it did ours, be sure to pass it along to your friends and family members on Facebook as soon as possible.

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