Italian Man Uses Household Objects To Hilariously Recreate Famous Celebrity Photos

You have to admit that celebrities have a rare and unique style.  It’s almost as if they think “how can I stand out” or “bad publicity is still publicity.”

Fashion designers are quick to design the most outlandish outfits and the celebrities are sure to jump on the bandwagon without hesitation.  Of course when money is no object why wouldn’t you?  This twenty one year old from Milan, Italy making fun of these crazy outfits has lead to thousands of followers on Instagram.

Emanuele Ferrari, also known as  “Emi,” first gained social media notariety after he imitated the odd dress Rihanna wore to the 2017 Met Gala.

After this image went viral, Emi grew to over 660,000 followers on Instagram. Now all the costume trolling has reached new heights.  No one is safe!  His imitations are just as wild as the ones worn by the stars.  Creatively he copies the outfit’s design using only household items such as: food, appliances and objects.

“I describe myself as a creative person, and I thought Instagram could be a place where I could show my creativity to an audience,” Emi said. “It initially started with imitations of web personalities, and people started to like and follow my creations.”

1. Rihanna’s costume at the 2018 Met Gala didn’t make it past Emi.


2. Shine bright like a (blue) diamond.


Although it might seem that Emi loves to only mock Rhianna.  Not the case, she is not his only target. Take a look at these.

3. Cardi B’s Met Gala look was accomplished in an afternoon with rice cakes, Q-Tips, and clear tape.

4. Kendall Jenner if you’re going to wear a box on your head, Emi will mock you.

5.Wait… what’s the difference?


6. Never would have thought to wear rubber glove’s.

7. Fashionable and practical, too.

8. OMG…That’s a Cat!

9. I think he’s a ‘fan’

10. Checkers Anyone? 

11. This year the ‘Garlic Clove Hairdo’ is back.

12. Nailed it!

13. Miley’s pasta bowl cut didn’t go unnoticed.

14. Can’t leaf out the vegetarians.

15.  Fashion Experts make bad choices too!

Even royalty can’t escape.

16. Meghan Before Marrying Harry.

17. The Royal Wedding Dress is no exception.

18. Anyone hungry?

Male celebrities have been recreated too!

19. Zac Efron’s gets toasted

20.  The best use of cigarettes.

THE BEST EVER! Check out those abs!


Emi you make us smile, keep up the amazing work.

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