If you have any of these items in the fridge, you need to take them out

If you are someone who notices that your fridge is getting smaller and smaller, there are certain measures that can be taken. There are a wide range of items that can be removed from the fridge that will allow for more space to be created. Read on to find out more….


Baked goods will actually lose their freshness if they are kept inside of the fridge for an extended period time. Keep them on the counter instead.


Potatoes should never be kept cold. This destroys their flavor.


Tomatoes are turned mushy when they are placed in the fridge.


Onions lose all sense of flavor when they are refrigerated.


Any fruit that has hard seeds should be stored in an area where they can receive the proper sunshine and air.


Before a melon has been cut, it should not be kept in the fridge because this will cause the antioxidants to be depleted.


Apples are at their most flavorful and crispy when they are not in the fridge.


Garlic loses flavor in the fridge and makes everything else smell just like it.


Coffee beans that are left in the fridge become moist and this leads to worse tasting coffee.


Hot sauce becomes more difficult to pour and the flavoring is weakened.


Honey will harden and crystallize and thus become essentially impossible to use.


Chilling spices is the same as killing spices and this is something you need to remember.


While nut oils need to be refrigerated, all of the rest of our oils should not be.


Basil cannot be inside of the fridge for too long or the cold will ruin the flavor.


Unripened avocados are not going to ripen fast enough in the fridge. Setting them on the counter is a far more effective idea over the long haul.


Bread goes stale much more rapidly when it is not kept on the counter in a sealed bag.


Peanut butter will survive inside of the pantry for months so there is no need to use the fridge.


Only cooked rice needs to be stored in the fridge. Dry rice can survive outside of the fridge for several years without an issue.


Read the label on your cosmetics and make sure that they can be stored in a cool environment first.


Dried beans will begin to experience sprouting if they are kept in the fridge.


The brine and sodium that pickles are soaked in makes it so that they do not have to be refrigerated.


Soy sauce also has enough sodium not to need refrigeration.

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