Jamie Dornan talks about using a ‘wee bag’ while filming ‘Fifty Shades’ sex scenes

The climax to the successful Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters next week. Let’s be real; if you’re going, it’s all about the sex scenes.

Yeah, okay, we believe you if you deny it. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jamie Dornan did a hilarious interview with the show host about his “wee-bag.” No, not a pee bag, but a penis bag he used while on set to cover um, his male bits during those hot and heavy scenes with co-star, Dakota Johnson.

Kimmel wanted to know if shooting those scenes had gotten boring. like if they’d become “like an old married couple.”

Dornan responded in a way that made the audience crack up: “This is going to sound bad, but it’s almost like brother-sister.”

Jamie did say how much the two mutually respect each other and how they’ve become friends while shooting the three films. The reality is, Dornan is married; Johnson has had her share of relationships. They keep things professional during those intimate moments. Dornan revealed how there aren’t too many people around as possible to ensure everyone is comfortable.

As for his wardrobe, Dornan thought perhaps he’d receive his very own wee-bag which he joked about saying, “it doesn’t mean it’s wee inside.” This received screams of delight from the women watching.

To his shock, he chose one that had “Inmate #3” written on it. Kimmel said in a serious tone that he hoped Dornan boiled the bag before using it. Gross. But Dornan closed his eyes and got to work.

There are more wee adventures ahead for Dornan. Filming for this last movie ended around two years ago. Dornan was given a private screening in London. The catch? He had a security guard sit with him to make sure he didn’t pirate his film. Right, like he’d do that.

To help prepare for watching himself on screen, Dornan hit a pub for a few pints before the viewing. He had a wee problem throughout. Too bad he didn’t have a real wee-bag with him so he wouldn’t have to keep leaving his seat. Come the movie’s end, for Dornan and his security detail, the men bonded.

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