Judge Has 5-Year-Old Boy Sit On His Lap, Gives Him Three Choices To Decide Dad’s Fate

When it comes to children, they are some of the world’s biggest truth tellers and they are well known for speaking their minds on a number of different issues. Meanwhile, there are some parents who find themselves sweating profusely when their children speak in public and the father in this story definitely fell into the latter category.

A father from Providence recently found himself in court for receiving a parking ticket. He had decided to park illegally while delivering a pizza for his business and now faced a fine of 90 dollars as a result of his hasty decision.

The judge decided that he would not make a ruling on this case and instead, he chose to pass off the gavel to one of the most unlikely people of all: the father’s five year old son Jacob. Jacob was then asked about his schooling and the child also spoke of his desire to work at the family’s pizza parlor once he got old enough.

Frank Caprio is known for his role as a TV judge on the ABC show Caught In Providence and he playfully let the child know that this case was too tough for him to render a verdict on. As a result, he gave Jacob three different choices: his father could pay the $90 fine, walk away clean or pay a $30 fine.

Jacob decided on the middle of the road punishment for his dad, choosing the $30 option. This decision shocked everyone in attendance, as they expected Jacob to let his father off the hook. Caprio gave Jacob one more chance to assist his father by allowing the charges to be dropped if he got taken out to a big breakfast.

This hilarious courtroom engagement is one of the most adorable things that we have seen in some time and we are glad that Jacob is such an even handed child. We sincerely hope that Jacob got to eat lots and lots of bacon and that there is plenty of pizza in this amazing little boy’s future.

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