Keep Seeing The Numbers 11:11, 9:11, Or 21:21 Everywhere You Look? Here’s What It Means

We’ve all had those moments in our lives where certain numbers seem to be more prevalent than usual and when these occurrences take place, we may end up being overly analytical. 9:11, 11:11 and 21:21 are numbers that happen to fall into this category and if you are not careful, you might end up scratching your head and wondering why these numbers are following you.

However, there is nothing to be nervous about, as these numbers are placed in front of us by the universe as a means of letting us know certain things. For example, did you know that 11:11 is meant to tell us about new beginnings that we are about to embark upon? This means that you need to be progressive about pursuing your goals.

If you notice this number on a clock, take note of whatever thoughts you were experiencing at the time, as this is a sign that you need to pursue them with a greater sense of vigor. 9:11 is a number with a different meaning, as it is meant to signify strong leadership and a sense of completion.

These numbers can mean that you have reached the end of one project and are ready to start another. It could also signify your need for a career change or that it is time for you to start giving back more to your community as a means of expressing your appreciation.

Last but not least, people who use a 24-hour clock and see the number 21:21 are experiencing a convergence of energies and this may be a sign that the universe as a whole is finally ready to bend to your will.

Once you have taken in all of these secrets for yourself, be sure to pass them along to your closest friends and family members on Facebook. This allows them to find out more about how to choose the proper path for themselves going forward.

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