Kim Kardashian Is Being Body-Shamed For Her ‘Gangrene’ Toes In This Bikini Photo

Kim Kardashian is the type of celebrity who is truly polarizing. People either seem to love her or hate her and there is no one in the middle. Trolling on social media is also an all time high. Throw these two elements in a blender and you have a recipe for some ruthless savagery. When Kim posted a bikini photo recently, she never could have expected the rudeness that she would be subjecting herself to.

Her vacation photographs inspired trolls to break out some of their most hurtful commentary and the body shaming she went through is despicable. All it took were a few candid beach photos to send people into the wrong type of frenzy. Kim is proud of her body and she doesn’t mind showing off. Unfortunately, there are still a legion of people who can’t stand the sight of a curvy woman who is happy with her shape.

You would think that we would be able to get past this type of juvenile taunting. We have come a long way from the days when having a sizable backside was considered to be less than desirable. Sadly, a large number of online trolls remain unable to appreciate women of all shapes and sizes. Kim also likes to show off other parts of her body…such as her toes. She is a bit of an exhibitionist in that way.

Believe it or not, the toes were actually the subject of her latest roasting. She had painted her toenails yellow earlier in the trip and had forgotten to remove the yellow polish before taking another set of pictures. As you might have imagined, the trolls were merciless and they wasted no time zooming in on the toenail before crafting their mean retorts.

Worst of all, the toenail had not been clipped in some time and this added to the illusion that the trolls were able to create. Now that she is a mother of three beautiful children, she must not have time to maintain the proper grooming schedule.

All of the trolls should cut her a little bit of slack. Her willingness to live life in the public eye backfires on her occasionally but the tears are dried pretty easily when you have a net worth that approaches $200 million.

Please be sure to share this hilarious post with all of your friends and loved ones and don’t ever make the mistake that Kim made by feeding the trolls on her timeline.

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