Kim Kardashian Made Her Kids A Snack And People Are Not Okay With Her Decision

Any parent knows that preparing food, particularly snacks, for your kids can be a daunting chore. With food allergies, picky eaters, and dietary concerns, making food that all your kids will want to eat is nearly impossible.

To combat this, parents have to come up with creative ways to get their kids to eat. Kim Kardashian recently made a hybrid snack that has the internet grossed out: The snack in question was affectionately dubbed “hotdog sushi.”

People had some mixed feelings about her decision:

While there are scores of haters, plenty of people were feeling Kardashian’s snack choice.

Many of them pointed out that it’s basically just hot dogs and rice, which isn’t weird at all.

What do YOU think? Does hotdog sushi sound delicious, disgusting, or do you not care at all?

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