Kristen Stewart Reunites With Her ‘Twilight’ Daughter And Now We Feel Old AF

The older I get, the more freaked out I am about how quickly time flies by. You blink and then the next thing you know, you’re ten years older with ten more years of experience under your belt. One way that I gauge the passing of time is through movies. I look back and say, “Oh my god, this movie I love came out 12 years ago?” and subsequently freak myself out to no end.

And if you’re like thousands of (previously) young adults who adored the “Twilight” franchise back in the day, then you know what I’m talking about. If you can believe it, the first book came out over a decade ago in 2007! Crazy, right? Then the first film installment came out in 2008. Finally, the series was rounded out by one last movie in 2012.

In case that didn’t make you feel ancient enough, however, check this out. Remember little Renesmee from the movies who was played by Mackenzie Foy? She was the daughter of Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, and she appeared in the final two “Twilight” movies.

Here are the two of them looking adorable.


Mackenzie was just a little nugget back then (as was Kristen, quite frankly) and their precious story left viewers feeling super attached to the on-screen pair.


Feeling old yet? Just wait. Recently, the two of them reunited at the opening of the Chanel Beauty House in Los Angeles! You have to see how gorgeous now 17-year-old Mackenzie is! Here’s a photo of her from that night.

Thank you #welovecoco 💋

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Now here’s a photo of the two of them together. They look amazing!

#kristenstewart #mackenziefoy

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It makes sense that these two met up once again at a fashion event since Mackenzie was a child model back in the day and Kristen is one of the faces of Chanel. Now, this side-by-side is about to seal the deal. Ready?

Okay, I’m officially ancient. It makes teenage me super happy to see them together once again and I not-so-secretly hope they work together again in the future! How old were you when Twilight came out?

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