Kylie Jenner Posed For Calvin Klein With Her Belly Covered & Pretty Much Proved She’s Pregnant

Is Kylee Jenner pregnant? She’s been MIA from social media, Keeping up With the Kardashians and primarily out of the picture since September when rumors that she’s expecting her first baby overtook social media.

Why does the world believe Kylee’s confirmed her pregnancy? She posed for Calvin Klein with her stomach covered. And in the group shot, she’s not there. The props used for her photos range from a duvet, a blanket, a cushion and even Khloé, her half-sister.

Last week, with the birth of Chicago West, and Khloé finally telling the world she’s going to have her first baby, perhaps the Kardashians and Jenners thought we’d forget about Kylee and her disappearing act and her pregnancy rumors. Not so. Today, the four photos of the starlet emerged, and the world can’t stop talking about them.

Social media went into overdrive; people wondered what’s going on with Kylee posing for these pictures for the Calvin Klein campaign that the Kardashians launched a few months ago. One person questioned why all the other ladies flaunt their bellies, while Kylee is so covered up she looks like she’s taking a nap.

Peering at the photos, there’s no way to make a firm conclusion. The strange thing is, we still don’t have an answer to the elusive question: Is she or isn’t she pregnant? We guess you’ll have to give the pics a look-see and decide for yourself.

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