Landlord Finds Out Guy Is Violating ‘No Pets’ Policy — And Has Best Reaction

This is the story of a dog named Nashi. Nashi’s first mother adopted him at the age of five months and when the dog became too much work for her to handle, she elected to give the dog to a shelter so that he could find the right home. Before stopping off at the shelter, she brought Nashi to an appointment with her stylist Hiroko. Once Hiroko learned more about the woman’s plan, she knew that she would need to intervene.

Without her help, Nashi would end up in a shelter where he would likely be killed. Hiroko knew that she could never allow such a thing to happen. Her husband Robert was not initially on board with the idea but how could you ever say no to such an adorable face? It did not take long for these objections to be forgotten completely. Nine years have since passed and Nashi is still very much a part of the family.

Robert has fallen head over heels for Nashi and the dog goes everywhere that he does. Even if he heads to a sumo wrestling match, Nashi is definitely in tow. Robert was in need of a new work space for his kimono design business. It was clearly stated that no dogs were allowed. He decided to bring Nashi with him anyway and when the dog’s barking caused the landlord to notice his presence, he was quite fearful.

The landlord’s response to what had taken place was not what Robert expected. When he stopped by her office to offer a gift, she asked him about Nashi. As it turns out, she had been waiting to meet Nashi ever since she heard him bark for the first time. He had left Nashi home that day and once the landlord said she was looking to meet him, he raced home to grab the pup.

The landlord wanted a dog of her own but she was worried about potentially leaving the animal if she passed away before the pet did. Nashi is a reserved dog by nature but even he realized that he had a chance to make an awesome new friend. He knew that the landlord would become one of his new best pals. She rapidly became one of his favorite people to hang out with.

Whenever he sees her coming, he knows that lots of love and treats are in his future. According to Robert, Nashi has even attempted to follow the landlord home before. What an amazingly adorable friendship!


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