LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Her Personal Struggles With Debilitating Health Condition

Singer LeAnn Rimes was just a teenager when she became one of the most popular country music artists of all time, winning a Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her debut album, “Blue,” at 14 years old.

No one could deny that Rimes had a very bright future ahead of her. But at the time, fans had no idea what the young musician was hiding about her health. Only just recently has she opened up about the debilitating skin condition she’s dealt with since she was a little girl.

Rimes says she developed “really bad” psoriasis when she was just two years old.

“I had to wear a lot of long pants or jeans and two or three pairs of pantyhose in the summertime,” she told In The Gloss.

“It was a nightmare. I started taking a biologic drug. I take a shot every two weeks, and I hate needles, but that’s what I had to do to get my skin clear. I went through every type of treatment known to man.”

She added, “When I was younger, I always wanted to hide it and never wanted to talk about it. My doctors told me I’d be surprised at how many celebrities have it and don’t want to talk about it.”

Rimes said that the psoriasis covered 80% of her body by the time she was six.

“I didn’t realize how much it had impacted my self-confidence and just really kind of feeling like a woman,” she said.

“I think music really was what gave me confidence,” Rimes continued. “I think I was very disconnected from my body so that was the one way I could really connect. Music has been a very healing thing for me.”

“I never thought I could get to the place where I could really be grateful for every single thing that’s happened in my life, but I am now and it feels really good,” she added. “As I get older, I’ve learned how to accept the things that bother me about myself and really start to love those things. They’re what make me, me. My advice to others is to own it. Own who you are, because it feels really good when you do.”

“Every time I put a bathing suit on, it’s a huge accomplishment and another tiny chip into a very large, thick wall I built since I was a little girl covered in scales,” Rimes wrote on Instagram. “I’m proud to say I have taken my physical, mental and spiritual health into my own hands and am feeling amazing about it. I hope you all find your health, happiness and tight tushes.”

“People make so much fun of me and my bikinis, but I would walk around naked if I could because I was one big scab at one point!” She added, “I wish this for all women. I hope as I share my health and wellness journey and celebrate my successes you all join me in doing the same.”

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