Little girl wakes up covered in nasty bruises, nearly loses her legs to mysterious illness


When an individual appears to be perfectly healthy, it can be tough for them to come to terms with the fact that certain ailments are out of their control. This is especially for parents who are forced to deal with ailments like these in their children and when the little girl in this story woke up with unexplained bruises, her loved ones were dumbfounded.

Bo woke up one morning and the four year child was mystified as to why her legs were covered in bruises. While her parents were initially very concerned, they would soon learn that there was a very reasonable cause for their child’s bruising, one that could be attributed to a simple case of the chicken pox.

Purpura fulminans is caused by chicken pox and this child’s rare disorder was brought about by a lack of protein C in her body. When a person is lacking the proper amount of protein C, the body’s blood flow becomes progressively thicker and unexplained bruising is one of the symptoms of this deficiency.
93333-2-001 Once the blood becomes solid, blood clots form and this was the exact cause for the bruising that Bo experienced. Doctors have only recently discovered this disorder in 1981, making it a relatively new phenomenon.

Doctors do not often test for this disorder because it is so rare. When the condition is not treated in a timely fashion, it can even become fatal. Organ damage is another common problem caused by the condition, but fortunately for Bo, her condition was caught in the nick of time and while her legs were at risk of being amputated, skin grafts saved the day.

She is expected to live a healthy life, but she will also need to be monitored by doctors on a regular basis to ensure that the condition does not flare up again. By all accounts, she is going to enjoy a long and healthy existence!

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