Magician Tosses His Shovel Aside And Shows Everyone A Better Way To Remove Snow

Joshua Jordan has a name that you may have heard about before. There are those who are well aware of his magic tricks and there are those who still have antiquated views about magicians. Joshua is not going to pull a rabbit from his hat. He is not going to saw his beautiful assistant in half and then magically put her together to the delight of an easily amused audience.

His most incredible trick of all is one that will have a number of useful applications in our daily lives. This is especially true of those who reside in colder climates. Did you know that there is a way to remove all of the snow from our properties without having to use a snow blower or shovel? Joshua is here to show us the way and we are forever in his debt now.

We would like to take the time to note the fact that it will take a certain type of snow in order for this trick to work as planned. If the snow that has fallen in your area is more light and fluffy, Joshua’s trick is not going to have the same level of traction. This hack works best when we have access to the type of snow that makes for a great snowball fight.

The snow should be heavy and wet. After the snowfall has gotten a few inches deep, it is time to roll up a snowball that is shaped like a hot dog. The long, compact snowball sets the stage for the following steps. If the snowball was rolled properly, it should be able to roll forward and collect all of the snow that has gathered in front of it.

This hack keeps us from experiencing all of the typical back issues that are related to shoveling. It also provides us with the assistance that we need to create an awesome looking snowman. Those who live in states where the snowfall is particularly merciless will definitely want to watch the clip to find out more about Joshua’s amazing hack.

Hacks like this one definitely need to be shared with friends and loved ones. Joshua’s hack may have started out as a way to entertain his wife and his typical viewing audience. It can now be passed along to all of those who are looking for the best way to avoid all of the winter misery that is associated with shoveling snow.

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