Man Blows Bubbles In Freezing Cold Weather, Captures Stunning Moment When They Pop

Much of the United States is experiencing below zero temperatures. And this isn’t when you factor in the windchill. Weather experts tell us not to head outdoors unless it’s necessary. Remaining outside for just a few minutes without being adequately bundled and covered up can be extremely dangerous. You can develop frostbite within minutes if you leave any skin exposed to the elements.

These deadly temperatures have forced schools to close. Parents are left scrambling to find babysitters for their kids or stay home themselves. Children are stuck indoors fighting off boredom when social media, video games or Netflix have lost their appeal.

If you do go outside, the feet of white stuff on the ground isn’t the fluffy fun sort you can use to make snow angels. And snowballs? Sure, but who wants to find themselves both wet and cold? You’re bound to become sick.

Julee Spangler-Sallaz and Chris Sallaz had a brilliant if not exciting idea. They headed outside to blow bubbles. Julee described how they did it on social media: “It was 14°, so Chris and I decided to make a video of bubbles freezing and shattering when they pop! Take a gander! We used Dollar Store kid’s bubble mix with a larger bubble wand from a bigger  bottle.”

Chris blew the bubbles as Julee filmed it in slow motion. They watched the five bubbles float to the ground. Then the frigid temperatures took over.

Bubble solution is made up of soap which doesn’t freeze and water. With more water in the mix, more of the surface of the bubble will freeze. If done with care, bubbles can rest on the ground and be glossed over with ice crystals.

To help contrast against the snowy backdrop and to show what occurs when the bubbles burst, Chris blew vapor into them. The bubbles still float, but they didn’t just “snap” into nothingness. The now frozen bubbles will shatter like glass as they hit the ground.

The frozen masses can even leave ice shells on the ground; as they deflate, they can form odd ice sculptures. You can see that Chris’s bubbles simply simply to the ground and broke into pieces.

Considering making some ice bubbles of your own? Here’s how: First, find the perfect place outdoors. You’ll want to blow bubbles in an area where there’s no wind. Any breeze could pop them prematurely.

Make sure the solution cools but don’t let the water in it freeze. To maximize the formation of the ice crystals, blow the bubbles on the wand.

Of course, if layering up in your coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and earmuffs just to go out into the cold to blow bubbles and watch them bust isn’t to your liking, why not remain inside wrapped up in your favorite blanket. Have a warm drink at your elbow and your mobile device or TV remote in your hand. If you’re lucky, a kitty or pooch will keep your feet warm for you. And isn’t that the best part about staying warm?

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