Man Dies Of Diabetes After His Boss Punishes Him For Taking A Day Off To See A Doctor

In order to make ends meet, most of us are forced to work an eight hour shift each weekday. Finding an employer who is willing to offer the proper health benefits is very important. When we are dedicating our lives to a business or company that does not have the slightest care about our well being, the results can be dire. The man in this story serves as a very sad example.

Don was unable to wait around for the perfect job. Just like anyone else, he had bills to pay and responsibilities to live up to. What happened to him should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who is wasting their time toiling for the wrong company. While Don was diagnosed with diabetes, he did not allow his condition to affect his work ethic in the slightest.

His health started to deteriorate and once he began to experience random collapses on the job, he knew it was time to seek medical assistance. He asked his employer if they would allow him to take a day off from his package delivery job. The company had the ability to fine him for taking days off because he was one of their contract employees.

They elected to do just that. Within a few months, Don passed away as a result of the illness he was experiencing. The company would eventually get around to issuing a formal apology but that is not going to bring this man back from the dead. Companies like this on would do well to remember that every employee is actually a human being with thoughts and feelings.

Instead, Don’s life was essentially ripped away from him because of his inability to simply “suck it up” and keep on plugging. In America, we tend to place too high of a value on the idea of working through pain and illness. Stories like Don’s are a sad reminder of where we can end up when we do not take the time to consider all of the problems that can result from this sort of mentality.

This tragic story comes with a horrific ending that few will want to consider possible for themselves. Hopefully, it can also serve as a wake up call to those who are pushing themselves too hard and the employers responsible for the behavior. Please pass this post along to all of the workaholics in your life as soon as possible.

Source: The Guardian

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