Man harasses neighbor’s dog with drone for months, gets what he deserves

While there are people who enjoy flying drones for fun, there are those who cannot resist the urge to use one to harass their friends, family or even their neighbor. The neighbor in this story thought it would be funny to use his drone to harass an innocent dog and as you might have imagined, this dispute ended up in a court of law.

The neighbor believed that it was his right to fly his drone close to the dog and tease him, since no one “owns the air”. The owner of the dog even asked the police to intervene and even though the neighbor was advised to cease his actions immediately, he continued to taunt the poor pup.


Finally, the dog reached its boiling point and the neighbor’s drone was captured and destroyed. This led to a heated confrontation where the neighbor demanded restitution in an expletive filled tirade and had the door closed in his face.

When the neighbor elected to take his case to court, he never could have expected what happened next. Not only was his claim essentially laughed out of court, but it was also decided that he owed money for his months of torment.


The dog’s owner was well prepared for the moment, as he had saved all of the medical bills associated with the neighbor’s relentlessly cruel behavior. The court decided that he should pay $2,000 worth of restitution and to add insult to injury, he is now under FAA investigation for possession of an unregistered drone.

Stories like these simply go to show that karma will always catch up with those who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions. We are sorry that the dog was made to suffer for so long but we will rest easier knowing that the drone has finally been ripped to shreds.

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