Man Left Devastated After He Finds Out Pregnant Girlfriend Lied About Everything

It’s no secret that bringing little ones into your life is a huge life change. It’s a change that not only will affect your romantic relationship and your relationships with friends and family, but also will have a huge impact on your finances.

And that’s just with one baby! For couples who are told that they’re expecting twins, all of that impact doubles in its scope, and it only goes up from there the more babies you add to the mix. That is a huge burden to prepare for and one that takes a lot of time and physical/emotional energy to do. After all, for many doing shift work, that means picking up insane hours and working around the clock to make sure they have the money they need to keep the babies happy and healthy.

Paul Servat believed that his girlfriend of just two months, Barbara Bienvenue, was expecting after she announced she was pregnant in September of 2013. And that makes sense, because why would someone lie about that?

From that moment forward, Paul started doing everything he could to change his life to better things for the babies. He even took to crowdfunding online to see if he could raise money through the kindness of strangers just because he knew that it’d be a massive financial burden.

He was overwhelmed by the generosity of his community in Montreal, Canada. Before they knew it, Barbara and Paul were bringing in donations and supplies for their impending bundles of joy. Paul was absolutely thrilled by the prospect of becoming a father and gleefully worked hard to set up a huge nursery for all five little ones.

But Barbara’s behavior throughout the process had been erratic. First, she was just having one baby. Then it went to two, which isn’t all that uncommon. But then she kept coming home from her so-called doctor’s appointments with a new number until she got all the way to five.

Eager to trust the woman he loved and to believe that he would fulfill his dream of becoming a father, Paul let that slide and prepared as usual.

Together, they impatiently awaited the arrival of their babies, posing for photos and chatting with loved ones about how exciting it all was. But friends were starting to find the whole thing a little fishy, especially considering that she’d told everyone she was having five babies so late in the game.

Then one fateful day, Barbara said she was in labor and Paul rushed her to the hospital. That’s when doctors gave him some devastating news: Barbara was not pregnant and never had been.

“The doctors told me it was a phantom pregnancy,” Servat explained, having spent the past 34 weeks believing he was about to become a father.

But that’s not even the most shocking part. According to a former boyfriend of Barbara’s, this wasn’t the first time she pulled such a stunt. She once pretended to have leukemia and had also faked another pregnancy. She was placed under psychological observation after the first one.

As you can imagine, Paul was dumbfounded and devastated, crying relatives in tears at the hospital after he learned the truth. Since he found out, he’s given back all of the gifts and donations, saying, “I’m a good person and I will have nothing to do with these lies.” It is clear that Barbara is suffering from some sort of mental illness and we hope that she gets the help she needs so that she doesn’t hurt people like this again.

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